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LFT's 53rd Annual Convention

The Louisiana Federation of Teachers' 53rd Annual Convention will be held on November 18-20 at the Sheveport Convention Center in Shreveport.



Show me the money!

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Tax collections are up in Monroe, but employee checks are down.


The Monroe City School Board finance committee met on Tuesday, May 8, to discuss the end-of-the-year sales tax check (13th Check). The committee determined that:

•    The checks were DOWN 34% from last year.
•    Sales tax revenues were up 3.8% last year.

NO explanation was given to employees as to why their checks were drastically reduced. In fact, when employees peacefully demonstrated in the parking lot of the school board office on Wednesday, May 9, Superintendent Kathleen Harris told them:

•    She would NOT talk with employees.
•    She told employees to leave “private property.” That is PUBLIC PROPERTY!
•    She called the police.

The Monroe Federation of Teachers condemns the disrespectful and unprofessional treatment of school employees by Superintendent Kathleen Harris.

You have a right to demand an official examination! You have a right to know where taxpayer dollars are going.

The Monroe Federation of Teachers wants answers - we call on the School Board to conduct an external audit.

Click here: JOIN the Federation’s efforts by sending an email directly to the school board.


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