Legal Rights/Social Media Workshop

Monroe Federation of Teachers and School Employees President Sandie Lollie (standing at left) hosted a Social Media and Legal Rights workshop, presented by Louisiana Federation of Teachers General Counsel Larry samuel (standing at right). Members learned about the hazards of social media posting for educators, and about the legal rights guaranteed by the Federation.


What you need to know about PRAXIS

We've been asked for resources to help prepare for PRAXIS, the test that prospective teachers must pass in order to be certified.

ETS, the company that administers PRAXIS, has produced a series of Webinars to help prospective teachers ensure success on the exam.  Each live session provides attendees with the opportunity to interact and ask questions.

Click here to learn more and register for the program!

Leave Time Options

Reopening School Buildings

School buildings cannot open for in-person instruction until the below conditions are met:
- Community transmission of COVID-19 is under control in the region;
- There is a public health infrastructure to support effective disease surveillance, tracing and isolation in schools;
- Staff who are at high risk have access to special accommodations;
- The district and school have funded safeguards and implemented protocols, including physical distancing, face coverings, access to hand-washing facilities, cleaning supplies, and updates to ventilation and;
- AFT members and leaders, families and community partners are included in the reopening planning process.



Reopening Schools: Survey Results



LFT has conducted a comprehensive survey to evaluate the concerns of educators and community members with regards to schools reopening later this summer. LFT received responses from nearly 15,000 teachers, support staff, parents, students and concerned community members regarding the reopening of schools. The survey was conducted electronically between June 30-July 10, 2020 and distributed widely through various online platforms.